My Faith in My Epileptic Wife (Part 1)

(This is the first fictional story written by my own, any resemblance to actual individuals or events is completely *coincidental~)

As she turned, she looked pale. I felt like my heart was prickled by a keen needle at that moment.

At the first day of this month, my wife, Kimberly Chen was brought to a Rheumatologist for a body check up as she said her limbs, back, and hips had been very stiff and aching for a few days. The news that my wife was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease gave us a jolt. It was super quiet on our way home, none of us spoke, neither me, nor Kimberly. What was hanging on my mind all along the way from hospital was that how Kimberly’s supposed to live alone at home while I’m out for work and when kids are studying in school, who’s gonna cook for our kids if anything happened to Kimberly, how am I gonna say to my kids that mummy will no longer be able to drive you guys to the school, all sort of terrible things come to my mind at the same time. I was so sad, but I could not express my emotion in front of my wife who is surely dispirited at the same moment. When I was turning my steering wheel into the porch, Kimberly broke the silence my telling me not to worry so much. She said everything is going to be all right as long as she takes the medicine on time and do as what the physician tells her to. I was flushed with shame to be comforted by a patient.

The sun was down, the night became dark little by little, everything around us also became perfectly quiet. That is when I hoped it would be a fair night’s sleep for Kimberly and for me. But then I realized that it’s when the nightmare began. When I was about to be ‘dead’ to the world, the bed started to shake and I could feel her shifting from side to side in bed and groaning in pain from time to time. I was roused from dream by the quaking bed. I was startled by Kimberly’s action as I turned my face to her. Her body was vibrating with seismic vibration as if she just got shocked by a Taser. It was the first time I ever saw someone having a seizure. After staggering momentarily, I yelled her name in the midst of bewilderment and held her head tightly in order to stop it from continue shaking.

(To be Continue~) Written on 25-3-2015

“My spiritualityhelped me think positively even when things looked bleak“.

G.M. Rao from India


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